BEL-CONFECT, tradition in workwear and foot protection!

Ever since 1938, Bel-Confect has been specializing in the design and manufacture of workwear and image clothing that is both comfortable and functional.

Made to measure

For our professional clients, we undertake to guide the entire production process, from the design phase to and including production. In consultation with the client, models, colours, logos, technical aspects of fabrics and the desired functional characteristic are being worked out. Since we are conducting our production processes under our own management, we are able to offer guarantees on quality and delivery times. If required, we will be happy to undertake the logistics management ofyour industrial work outfits and all of your personal protective equipment (PPE).

Workwear kept in stock

We maintain a permanent stock of more than80,000 articles of work clothes, outfits designed for use during welding and machine assembly operations, signalisation, rain, winter outfits, and the like.
D-FORCEis a private label developed by Bel-Confect. It comprises a collection of casual work clothes and safety footwear, available at competitive prices for immediate delivery out of our permanent stock.

Stock articles in foot protection

In the course of many years, Bel-Confect has profiled itself as one of the top specialists in safety footwear. In addition to the availability of exclusive brands like ARBESKO, PUMA, andD-FORCE, our clientsare given the opportunity to select from an inventory that contains more than 15,000 pairs of safety footwear items including accessories for use in the most divergent applications.

Image clothing

Bel-Confect also delivers standard andclient-specific image clothing such as  T-shirts, polo shirts, fleece vests, sweaters and pullovers, soft shell jackets, parkas, … These provide for diverse print-on possibilities such as silk-screen printing, transfer prints and embroidery.

Put our competitiveness to the test... we can’t wait to convince you!


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In the Prospie-project a new generation of personal protective equipment (PPE) will be developed and produced. The special feature of the PPE will be a dynamic cooling system that prevents the worker to become hyperthermic.