ARBESKO, Swedish quality based on almost 170 years of tradition

ARBESKO persistently opts for quality, functionality, ergonomics and innovation in the area of foot protection. ARBESCO does not believe in compromises that reduce price as well as comfort.

Even in the characteristically price-sensitive foot protection market, Bel-Confect has succeeded in increasing ARBESKO's market share year after year - proof that comfort and quality always win in the long run. In other words: the 'total cost of ownership' for ARBESKO products is much lower than you might think.

ARBESKO shoes are still being manufactured according to the traditional 'flex' method and are equipped with a sturdy shank. The resulting proprietary Stability System® guarantees outstanding key qualities and ergonomically correct shoes that offer excellent stability, a perfect fit and a long life. Shoes that provide the right support, every step of the way.

Find out more about our other added values such as Energy Gel Duo, Moisture Transport System and Super-8 leather in combination with more than 100 different ARBESKO models. Heat resistance, ESD protection, uniform shoes, winter boots, clogs, sandals, accessories ... find a practical ARBESKO solution for all your foot protection requirements at

ARBESKO is exclusively distributed in Belgium by Bel-Confect

The unique ARBESKO concept

  1. Flex procedure, leather tightened on the last. The leather is being 'flexed' under the insole and tightened on the last, preventing over-stretching at a later stage and ensuring a constant, perfect fit.
  2. Stable heel grip. The preformed heel grip from sturdy elastic material has an anatomically correct curve. Nails firmly and comfortably keep the heel in place and ensure a durable fit.
  3. Preformed insole. The insole follows the foot's natural curvature, offering comfortable support throughout the shoe's entire life span.
  4. Arch support. The shank provides necessary, comfortable support to the foot, contributing to a firm, torsion-resistant shoe that bends according to the needs of the foot.
  5. Energy Gel® and Energy Gel Duo®. Highly ingenious and effective shock absorption construction consisting of an elastic gel strip in the flex zone and/or an elastic gel pad in the heel of the shoe.